Twitter TV Dreams Come True—in Spain

For lack of a U.S. equivalent, Twitter enthusiasts will have to bone up on their Spanish

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When news broke last May that Twitter was teaming up with a production company to develop an unscripted TV series, the Internet went mad. Some tech blogs rejoiced, "Twitter on TV... I like it!" And others protested. "If you thought the obsessive minutiae of microblogging was annoying, wait until it hits the small screen," PC World wrote. But the cheers and jeers were moot. The television show never panned out.

Then in November, the possibility of Twitter TV surfaced again. A 28-year-old with a Twitter account named "shitmydadsays" scored a TV deal with CBS. His account literally consisted of him writing down wry commentary from his father and posting it on Twitter. But he had 700,000 followers, so it seemed like a good idea. The creators of Will & Grace were on board to executive produce, they even thought up a more FCC-friendly name for the show "Shat My Dad Says" (a play on the name of William Shatner, who was cast as the dad) but it has yet to materialize.

Now TechCrunch reports that our dream (nightmare?) of a Twitter television series has finally come true. It just took the Spanish to make it happen. As TechCrunch explains:

The show takes place in a studio with two guys on laptops and a huge screen behind them to showcase tweets. The anchors also show videos and other content as shared on Twitter to talk about. The site features a stream of tweets coming in next to the video player. Below, find an episode embedded for your viewing pleasure (if you speak Spanish).

Twision (Primer programa) from Veo Television on Vimeo.

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