Obama, Gawker Can't Quit Smoking

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President Obama still hasn't kicked his smoking habit but at least he's found a commiserating ally in Gawker. The Manhattan gossip blog is telling the president's critics to "*uck off" and leave the guy alone. Why so defensive? Apparently five out of the 13 Gawker staff members smoke and can't quit.

Cigarettes became the topic du jour after the White House released the results of Obama's first checkup since in office. Doctors told Obama to "continue smoking cessation efforts," which many believe refers to nicotine gum. Unsurprisingly, a select few used the doctor's note to score political points, but Gawker appears to simply be extending smoker solidarity:

Bottom line. Obama's probably still smoking. And this is a good thing. After the year he's had, we'd have cause for concern if he wasn't smoking. You know? Smokers know. Let the guy enjoy a nail every once in a while. It's for our own good.
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