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On Monday, the mayor of Topeka, Kansas signed a proclamation unofficially changing the city's name to "Google, Kansas--the capital city of fiber optics." The name-swap, which lasts until the end of March, is an attempt to court Google's offer to bring super-fast fiber-optic broadband to 50,000 to 500,000 homes in the U.S. The announcement triggered comment board explosion on The Topeka Capital-Journal's Web site. Many local Topekans appear to be championing the effort:

  • I Applaud Our Politicians, writes Topeka_dad at The Topeka Capital-Journal: "Bravo - good 'outside the box' thinking. Google will certainly notice this!" AlissaSheley agrees. "If nothing else, we're showing Google that our community has the power to work together to pull things off quickly. We support each other and know that our diversity brings lots of good ideas to the table."
  • We Need This! shouts Brandon KS: "We can help make Topeka one of their test communities by voicing our opinions about high speed internet access in our community! Topeka's internet services are limited to two major carriers, who don't compete directly (DSL vs Cable). AT&T's Fiber Service (U-Verse) is slow to deploy, and only offered in certain parts of town. Cox offers fiber connectivity, but the up front costs are beyond what an individual can afford. To nominate Topeka all you have to do is visit this URL and answer a few questions!"
  • A Great Idea, cheers Myron Holter, a conservative Christian blogger in Topeka. "I understand that that Topeka KS is on the list for high speed Internet. That would be wonderful. I use google daily for my blogs...The Internet is a powerful tool of communication."

Bonus: Stranger things have happened in Topeka. In 1998, the mayor temporarily changed Topeka's name to 'ToPikachu' after the Japanese video game character.

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