Why Does Google Need Government Help?

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To privacy advocates, Google plus the National Security Agency is a frightening combination. To techies, the fact that Google would need the NSA's cyber-security help is stupefying. After all, doesn't Google employ the world's most brilliant, tech-savvy minds? ZDNet's Sam Diaz raises the question:

I mean no disrespect to my country or my government but I have to ask: Is Washington really the best choice if you're looking for help with something as serious as cyber security. After all, I wouldn't exactly place any Washington agency at the cutting edge when it comes to fighting what was referred to as one of the most sophisticated cyber attacks experts had ever seen. I'd be willing to bet that Google, as well as other tech companies in Silicon Valley, are far better equipped for fighting a technological war...

Is Diaz selling the government short? Wired's Noah Shachtman says the NSA's cyber chops are nothing to sneeze at:

The National Security Agency is widely understood to have the government's biggest and smartest collection of geeks -- the guys that are more skilled at network warfare than just about anyone on the planet. So, in a sense, it's only natural that Google would turn to the NSA after the company was hit by an ultrasophisticated hack attack. After all, the military has basically done the same thing, putting the NSA in charge of its new "Cyber Command." The Department of Homeland Security is leaning heavily on the NSA to secure .gov networks.
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