Twitter Cries 'Save the Whale' in Aftermath of Orca Killing

The drowned trainer's family says she would have urged mercy

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After a killer whale drowned a Sea World trainer in Florida, a flurry of commentators have demanded that Sea World spare the animal. What's curious is that almost no one is publicly advocating euthanization. Sea World has said they're keeping the whale. Relatives of the victim, Dawn Brancheau, say she would not have wanted the whale to be punished. So what's the fuss? Perhaps there's just an urge to express animal-over-man solidarity. Here's a waterfall of "save the whale" tweets from Twitter:

  • StayTrue_G: So that whale has killed 3 people... That's messed up. But they shouldn't put it down. SAVE THE WHALES

Bonus: Here's an interview with animal expert Jack Hanna. He "takes his hat off" to Sea World for keeping the animal: