Sarah Silverman Ruins TED

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(Hat tip: TechCrunch)

If you book provocative, obscenely hilarious comedienne Sarah Silverman, you can be fairly she's going to be, well, provocative and obscene. Evidently the schedulers at the elite, futuristic TED conference weren't expecting what they got when they hired Silverman to do a talk this week.

Silverman's routine--in which she said she would adopt a "retarded" adult, among other things--so offended TED founder Chris Anderson that he tweeted afterward,

I know I shouldn't say this about one of my own speakers, but I thought Sarah Silverman was god-awful...

Anderson's anger was echoed by AOL founder Steve Case, who called Silverman an "inappropriate choice" for a TED talk, and "not that funny." Silverman bashed back at both men:

Kudos to @TEDChris for making TED an unsafe haven for all! You're a barnacle of mediocrity on Bill Gates' asshole
@SteveCase You should be nicer to the last person on earth w an aol account.

Whether as a sign of submission or regret, the initial insult has been deleted from Chris Anderson's Twitter account.

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