Oh, that. (Nexus One followup)

In response to last night's report on the Nexus One phone, a reader asks:

"Thanks for the update.  One question.  How is the Nexus One as a . . . uh. . . phone?  The iPhone does a poor job of holding a signal.  Nexus One?"

It seems just OK as a "phone" (quaint concept), but I don't really know who's to blame. The phone itself? The T-Mobile network, which I've used for years (because of international data plans) and which is the initial launch partner for the Nexus One, but which seems to have very shaky coverage in the US? (For instance: barely reaching to my house in DC.) America's unimpressive cell-phone performance in general, relative to most other countries? I dunno. I am hardened to a life of often-dropped calls as part of the repatriation process.