Hollywood Becomes Sallywood

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Slowly but surely, Los Angeles's iconic Hollywood sign is being covered up to read "Save the Peak." The message is part of a campaign to save a nearby hilltop from development. Trust for Public Land, a nature preservation group, is trying to raise $12.5 million to purchase the property and prevent the construction of four mansions on Cahuenga Peak. While most locals are championing the effort to protect the skyline, not everybody's happy with the aesthetics of the protest.

  • A Terrific Cause, applauds the L.A. Times editorial board: "We can't think of a worthier use of the Hollywood sign's marketing power than the Trust for Public Land's fundraising drive, which would head off a housing development that would permanently mar the view of the iconic sign and the world-famous silhouette of the hills that frame it."
  • Hear, Hear writes Los Angeles local Perez Hilton: "Here's hoping you guys can get the $$$ needed. That's just what El Lay needs - more luxury homes no one can afford."
  • Good Intentions, Awful Optics, exclaims Alissa Walker at Fast Company. As of Thursday night, the conservationist group only succeeded in mounting two letters, making it read "SALLYWOOD." Walker also loathes the bold red font chosen. "[There's a] disconnect between launching a campaign to protect the view of the Hollywood sign and transforming it into an eyesore for a few days... SAVE THE PEAK still means very little to the city's open space movement, but now SALLYWOOD will go down in history as Hollywood's great missed opportunity to do something truly positive for preservation... At this point, they might as well change it to SORRYWOOD."
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