Happy Hour Vid: TV Reporters Try, Fail, to Survive Blizzard Broadcast

Did you get work off today? Major Garrett didn't.

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Reporting from the middle of a blizzard with record wind speed and snowfall is really hard. But President Obama and Congress continue to make news, which means that the intrepid Washington reporters of CNN, MSNBC and Fox News have no choice but to hike outside and talk about the news while standing in front of the White House. They've met the challenge intrepidly, but not altogether successfully. Via Mediaite, here are some of the tougher moments.

"This is what we do on live television, folks, in a blizzard," one of them says through screaming winds and a torrent of snow that certainly looks piercing.

Nota bene: Blogging in a blizzard, which does not require going outside or even, say, changing out of one's pajamas, is much easier.

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