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Giving a public relations windfall to climate change skeptics, Osama bin Laden has condemned global warming. In a new audiotape aired on Al-Jazeera, bin Laden blames the U.S. for polluting the air and driving climate change. He urges the world to boycott American products and currency saying "climate change is not a matter of intellectual luxury; the phenomenon is an actual fact."

Conservative bloggers are having a field day. Connecting the inevitable dots, global warming skeptic Don Surber was fast out of the gate to tie bin Laden to Al Gore with this guilt by non-association argument:

Osama bin Laden now embraces Al Gore's pagan religion, which holds that its god -- Gaia -- is punishing man for his materialism with a hell on Earth.

Another prolific right-wing blog, Stop the ACLU, adds:

Hey, look, Osama bin Laden is now backing your side, climate alarmists! Aren't you thrilled? Doesn't it feel great to have the most wanted man in the world taking your position? Interesting. He wants what so many climate alarmists want, namely, to destroy the American economy. But, hey, alarmists, at least he is mostly living the carbon free lifestyle you folks think everyone (except yourself) should live!

To win an argument, the next best thing to having science on the side is evidently having a terrorist endorse your foes.

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