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Usually our "Who Won the Day" pieces focus on opinionmakers who add extra insight to the salient issue of the day. But today we're highlighting Jason Calacanis, a rambunctious tech mogul who willingly deceived a good many readers with his early morning tweeting.

On the eve of Apple's unveiling of the iPad, Calacanis claimed he had the device in his hands and gave a generous appraisal of it saying it's the "best gadget ever made." He went on to enumerate the iPad's newfangled features including a solar panel, fingerprint identification and two built-in cameras (things it doesn't have). While no mainstream news outlets reported it as truth, a number of them passed on the gossip (including this one).

It's not clear whether Calacanis's stunt was a joke, or a broader message about the eagerness of tech blogs to relay half-baked information. Either way, his prank may give gadget writers pause next time they come across questionable rumors--this site included.

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