Gawker Laughs Off Apple's Threat

Gawker publishes a threatening legal notice from Apple and plows ahead with its tablet contest

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Whether or not Gawker was serious when they offered a cash prize for information on Apple's mysterious tablet, they've certainly doubled down now. Faced with a cease-and-desist letter from a law firm representing Apple, Gawker did little ceasing or desisting. Instead, they reprinted the letter in full in this audacious post, gleefully presenting it as evidence that the tablet does, in fact, exist.

Gawker went a step further, stating the contest was still on and encouraging respondents to use anonymous email addresses so they -- and Gawker -- are shielded legally. As Gawker's Gabriel Snyder writes: "We can't tell Apple who you are if we don't know who you are."

How far Gawker is willing to take this imbroglio remains to be seen. But if they stick to their word and continue the contest into tomorrow or make public any information they get on the tablet, the ball will be in Apple’s court.

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