Everybody Loves Apple Tablet Photo, Knows It's Fake

Sure it's phony, but it looks irresistible...

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Hysteria for the Apple tablet is running so high that even fake photos can set off a squall of excitement. Tech bloggers know that these photos of the hoped-for tablet are fishy. But, in anticipation of the real thing, many can't help complimenting the ersatz tablet's good looks.

  • Ben Parr, Mashable: The first blog to break the leak, Ben Parr admits "Our gut says" the photos aren't authentic. But still, it's worth admiring "these pretty pics."
  • Jeremy Toeman, LIVEDigitally: Toeman looks closely at a reflection, and concludes it's false. "Even without the camera, there's literally nothing I can do to get a reflection of my phone onto the glossy screen of the Macbook."
  • Cole Rise, Posterous: Rise does an analysis of the photo, finding a giveaway marker that the "tablet" was superimposed. "Very good fake, but pixels don't lie."
  • Charlie Sorrel, Wired: Sorrel compliments the designer, but says the shadows are tell-tale signs of photo manipulation. "Still, it might be my favorite mockup so far, if only because the super-simple slab-like design fits with my idea of what the actual tablet will look like."
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