What Will the Hypothetical Apple Tablet Be Named?

Tech pundits earnestly debate hints that Apple could be leaning toward 'iSlate' or 'iGuide'

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As the Wire reported here, the Apple tablet rumor-mill is humming on expectations that Steve Jobs will unveil details in late January. Tech-pundits are so pumped that any tidbit of information--for example, that Apple registered the URL "iSlate.com" in 2007--is setting their imaginations on fire. Here, a strange tributary in the speculation flood: guessing what the tablet will be called.

Many people lean toward iSlate, though there's (equally tenuous) evidence Apple could go with iGuide. Nobody knows, but they're still carving out serious positions.

  • After Extensive Research...Still Undecided, says Arnold Kim at MacRumors. "We did some extensive research looking for evidence for more of these hidden trademark and domain registrations ... So for those who weren't happy with iSlate as the possible name for the Apple Tablet, iGuide appears to be another option, though frankly, we still prefer iSlate. It might make more sense if iGuide were to be related service or software to the Apple tablet."
  • Smart Money's Still on 'iSlate,' argues Robin Wauters at TechCrunch after running through Arnold Kim's evidence. "If I were betting man, I'd still be putting my money on the name iSlate for the tablet, Magic Slate for a possible peripheral, and iGuide for a service linked to the hardware device(s)" He ends by joking, "Or, of course, we're all wrong, and none of these names will ever be actually used by Apple...Besides, has Apple announced that it'll be selling a tablet computer yet?"
  • Let's Call It the iPad Liam Cassidy of GigaOm outlines 10 ideas to make the tablet a hit, referring to the device as an "iPad" in the headline. A commenter adds one idea to Cassidy's 10 suggestions: 'I think not calling it the 'iPad' would make it a hit..."
  • iGuide or iSlate, Both Are Crummy Names Adam Ostrow at Mashable doesn't take too strongly to either option. "Frankly, neither iGuide or iSlate rolls off the tongue quite like iPod, iPhone or iTunes, and I still wouldn't be surprised to see Apple go in a completely different direction."
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