Should We Cheer the Cop-Teasing Facebook Bandit?

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Twitter and Facebook apparently make it irresistible to cheer on absconding fugitives. First it was Colton Harris-Moore, the bike- and airplane-stealing teenage bandit from the Pacific Northwest who attracted an 8,000-person Facebook fan group. Now it's Craig "Lazie" Lynch, a UK convict who escaped a prison sentence for burglery and is now using his Facebook feed to whip up public support. Taunting local Suffolk police officers, he's posted photos of himself shirtless and holding a large cooked turkey.

  • Adam Fresco of the Times Online adopts the usual wry tone, but also says in passing "His time on the run may be coming to an end. Earlier this afternoon he posted: 'Well what can i say fellow friends. The run is nearly over.'"
  • Adrian Shaw in the Mirror puns in UK tabloid fashion, saying "Fowl web taunt to cops." Shaw reports that not all Web users are cheering Lynch. "Other users of [Facebook] have started a group called 'Craig Lazie Lynch is no hero.' One member wrote: 'How stupid can people be by egging this idiot on? Don't they know he was jailed for aggravated burglary for seven years?'"
  • Azaria Jagger in Gawker asks the right question, "Should we celebrate or fear him?" She remarks on his "Byzantine" profusion of accounts that have somehow managed to keep cops at bay for months, concluding "Just don't pull a gun or anything when they come to get you, because then we'll feel like total jerks for cheering you on."
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