Is There a Climate Denial Industry?

A columnist pins rising skepticism of climate change on the oil lobby

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World leaders have convened in Copenhagen to forge a global commitment to end climate change, but a series of leaked emails from scientists have cast a shadow of doubt over the conference, lifting the morale of skeptics. In the conservative blogosphere, pundits have delighted in the scandal, which some say disproves the strong science of global warming. Yet in The Guardian, George Monbiot thinks the timing of Climategate is a little too convenient. In fact, Monbiot thinks there's a "climate denial industry," well paid to ignore scientific proof that global warming is a man-made crisis:

When I use the term denial industry, I'm referring to those who are paid to say that man-made global warming isn't happening. The great majority of people who believe this have not been paid: they have been duped.

..."[There is a] contrast between the global scandal these emails have provoked and the muted response to 20 years of revelations about the propaganda planted by fossil fuel companies. I have placed on the Guardian's website four case studies; each of which provides a shocking example of how the denial industry works."
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