Amid Woes, Big Sales Cement Nintendo's Dominance

Sales of the Wii may be struggling, but bloggers say Nintendo's figures show the company still has what it takes to be on top

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In late October, many video game analysts thought Nintendo was showing signs of illness: after flooding the market with Wii consoles, the company experienced a massive drop in profitability in the third quarter. But as of Tuesday, Nintendo fans and investors had reason to cheer with news it sold 1.5 million video game systems during Thanksgiving week, far more than competitors Microsoft and Sony's sales combined. The impressive figure deflates slightly in light of the Wii's far better sales at the same time last year. Yet bloggers kept heaping on the congratulations:

  • Handled Hero "The only sure thing so far," opines the Business Insider's Alaska Miller, "Is the fact that Nintendo is dominating the hand-held video game console this season." She cites figures showing that roughly two-thirds of the total units sold were Nintendo's DS and DSi portable systems, which posted high enough numbers to break a company record previously set by the Game Boy Advance. Stage Select blogger Dezoris agrees:
Nintendo's dedication to new-age portable gaming has made them a leader in sales and also delivers gamers of all ages some incredible titles that continue the success of previous console generations including the Game Boy Advance. Expect Nintendo to continue dominating sales in this area throughout the holidays.
  • Counting the Coin  Several bloggers are pulling out the "print money" cliché to describe Nintendo's windfall, including Destructoid's Jordan Devore: "Or in mind-boggling, we-effin'-print-money lingo, Nintendo sold more than 2.5 videogame systems every second during Thanksgiving week. Go ahead, blink. While you were wasting your tragic life doing that, hundreds of dollars were spent on Nintendo systems. You'll never be this successful."
  • Nintendo Revived! declares Matt Peckham at PC World: "Nintendo's sales are ramping back up after months of underperforming. The company still reportedly outsold both Microsoft and Sony in total units moved, and as long as Nintendo keeps selling more, it doesn’t really matter if they're ahead by a car's length or an ocean liner's--more is clearly more here, especially when you're likely the only player still making a profit on your hardware, price drop or no."  Rajeev Saxena at Trends Updates agrees:  "After suffering from a continuous slump in sales figures in the past few months…Nintendo could very well be ready to give a stark competition to its arch rivals, Microsoft and Sony."
  • Don't Call it Comeback At the Technology Digital blog, Gabe Perna says the figure is another example of Nintendo's dominance over its competitors: "Despite a severe drop across the globe in all video game console sales, Nintendo continued its dominance this past weekend outselling its competitors once again…Meanwhile, its competitors Sony and Microsoft didn’t sell as much. Sony estimated 440,000 were sold during November and Microsoft, which has been a consistent third in the horse race, didn’t disclose its sales numbers…The Wii has been a constant frontrunner in the global video game console race as well."
  • Mario is Money G News blogger David Finklehorn says that while the low Wii sales are disappointing, an upcoming release in Nintendo's Super Mario Bros. franchise is likely to reverse the trend: "Fortunately for Nintendo New Super Mario Bros. seems to be ticking all the right boxes. The game is full of retro fun but has cranked up the difficulty rating to challenge even the most hardcore of Mario fans. Once again, the moustachioed Italian with the head that can bust rocks is going to save the Japanese computer giant."
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