In Global Warming Emails, C Is for Climategate

One conservative blogger turns to Sesame Street to blast "climate alarmism"

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WHO: Paul Chesser

WHERE: The American Spectator

THESIS: "Today's report about political developments surrounding the global warming issue is brought to you by the letter "C"

THOSE INFAMOUS EMAILS BETWEEN CLIMATE EXPERTS PROVE ONCE AND FOR ALL: "The planet isn't warming in conjunction with these CO2 increases"

C IS FOR 'COOL:'  Because "that's how it feels outside lately"

C IS FOR 'CASH' TOO: "The concerned scientists get lots of this, as do investors in 'green' technology. The unconcerned scientists? Not so much -- at least not for climate studies."


Besides going vegetarian, alarmists ultimately point to the climate change problem as one of overpopulation. They say the only way we can accomplish their goal is to limit, and even reduce, the number of people on the planet. Yet when you suggest that they be the first ones to go in support of their own cause, they get mad!
[...]C is for "criminal." Whereas once the environmentally conscious international community hailed President Obama as its climate hero, it now calls him a failure. Some even consider him a guilty of a felony for "stonewalling" an agreement at Copenhagen.
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