Al Gore's Lonely Right Wing Ally

Tom Maguire sticks his neck out as Gore gets attacked for a conflict of interest,

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Today was a busy day for Al Gore haters. The former VP just released his new book, "Our Choice: A Plan to Solve the Climate Crisis," in step with a less than flattering profile in The New York Times. The article highlights that Gore, arguably the most outspoken advocate of green technology, stands to gain enormous amounts of personal wealth from a green revolution "if and when it happens."

From the rooftops, conservative bloggers at Townhall, The Heritage Foundation, Breitbart and Stop The ACLU, rained barbs on Gore for exploiting "envirofascism for fortunes," in one writer's memorable formulation. But a notable conservative has broken ranks with his brethren to defend Gore. Tom Maguire, who proudly labels himself "not an Obama approved pundit" at his Just One Minute blog, says the "conflict of interest" allegation is bogus:

Gore is not a public official, thank heaven, so it is perfectly reasonable for him to back his ideas with his money... I am sure Dick Cheney was proud of the work done by Halliburton in supporting American interests in Iraq and around the world, too.  And Michael Moore was a progressive rabble-rouser even before he became rich by being a progressive rabble-rouser. This is a great country.
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