150 Years Later, Creationists Still At It

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The 150th anniversary of the release of Charles Darwin's watershed book On The Origin of Species isn't an occasion for everyone to crack open the champagne to toast the scientific trailblazer. For creationists -- and offshoot "intelligent design" proponents, who argue that biological complexity shows divine intent and disproves evolution -- it's a reminder of their decreasing influence on science and culture. But that hasn't stopped anti-evolution pundits from coming out swinging on Darwin's day:

We are told that a consensus of scientists supporting the theory means that Darwinian evolution is no longer subject to debate. But does it ever happen that a seemingly broad consensus of scientific expertise turns out to be wrong, generated by an ideologically motivated stampeding of opinion? Of course, that does happen. Many ideologically driven crusades in science -- the earth-centered solar system and eugenics, for example -- survived long after supposed evidence for these ideas evaporated. And precisely the same thing is happening today in the ideologically charged field of evolutionary biology.

  • 'Darwin Was Wrong About God'  The Christian Post's Lillian Kwon reports on a conference of anti-evolution Christian scientists.
In addition to shooting down evolutionary arguments, [Dr. Robert] Carter offered a "replacement" on the origin of man, using the Bible. The Bible records three historical biblical "main events" that would have left an indelible mark on our genetic makeup: Creation, the Flood, and the Tower of Babel. Research in modern genetics underlines the reality of these events, he offered. Other arguments presented over the weekend included "Darwin was wrong about science," "Darwin was wrong about God" and "Darwin was wrong about the disastrous social and moral consequences of his ideas."
  • 'Into The Lion's Den'  Bob Ellis of Dakota Voice is really excited about a new creationist documentary, the trailer for which is below.
For too long Christianity has been on the run from Charles Darwin and the theory of evolution.  For too long Christianity has fled in fear of a phantom idea that can’t support its own weight. Now, the Christian worldview has walked into the lion’s den, has invaded hostile territory, has walked into the temple of the false god and challenged it. This team of filmmakers has gone to what was essentially the birthplace of the theory of evolution…to prove its weakness.

  • 'Darwin Got It Wrong'  WorldNetDaily's Chelsea Schilling interviews Doug Phillips, executive producer of the film, "The Mysterious Islands."

Phillips said there is a "war of the worldviews" between Darwinists and creationists. But, he confidently asserted, "Darwin got it wrong." "The Mysterious Islands" explores scientific errors, problems and prejudices that Darwin brought along with him on his journey. It also discusses the implications of Darwinism. "That's where things really get hot," he said. "That's where they get controversial."

"Today people look to the Galapagos, and evolutionists and Darwinists see it in the same way that Christians look to Jerusalem and Muslims look to Mecca," Phillips said. "They really embrace the evolutionary faith. In our film, we insist that evolution is, in fact, a faith. It's a worldview based on unprovable assumptions that are accepted by faith."

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