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Anybody trying to send time-wasting links to kitten boxing videos or flash mobs late this morning over Google's chat or email service may have found themselves thwarted. For the second time in a month, Gmail went down. And, as happened the last time, mobs of disgruntled users took to Twitter to vent. A sampling:
  • The100rabh: This gmail outage was probably a warning that I should backup all google data, not rely solely on that.
  • Errolbeats: Gmail was down because Chuck Norris signed up for an account.
  • Victormanuelgi: Problemas con gmail hoy....
  • RSS_VentureBeat: If I forgot your name, it's Gmail's fault 
  • Xnegativespace: Complaints went from omfg gmail isnt working to omfg do we still have internet?! the internet is more than gmail. wish my office knew that.
  • Emoltzen: New, proposed slogan for Google/Gmail: "What? You gonna use Hotmail?"
  • Antimeria: When gmail/gchat went down this morning, my first instinct was to check twitter's trending topics. this is getting downright pavlovian.
  • Tony_Tam: Imagine if gmail facebook and Twitter were all down at the same time. I would feel like it was 1980's, bad enough when 1 service is down
  •  Nat3200: Im interested to read later of today about why gmail has failed yet again! <- I crashed it sending porn. :( Sorry!!!!
  • Meganeherring: Gmail. Wtf.

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