Banning Cats from the Interwebs

ShortFormBlog's rages against Urlesque's call to make the Web cat-free for a day

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The flabbergasting rise of LOL cats, icanhascheezburger, and Maru the box-loving cat have made the Web a dangerous place--if not a living hell--for cat haters.

So you can perhaps understand why Urlesque, a blog of pop ephemera, was spontaneously inspired to declare today, 9/9/09, the last date of its kind for 92 years, "A Day Without Cats on the Internet":

Whether you're a bona fide cat lady who loves it all, or someone who can't stand the over-population of cats on the interwebs, we can all agree that cats need a break. Urlesque hears your cries for help.

Of course, a boycott can only work if everyone's on board. For some reason, Ernie Smith of ShortFormBlog appointed himself strikebreaker and threw a counter-protest, declaring today Catstravaganza '09. His manifesto:

Urlesque thinks it can make "fetch" happen
by trying to convince sites to not post cat stuff on 09/09/09. Well, much like the cat in the video above, felines aren't going out like that. Neither are we. Here's five things you need to know about our counter-protest, the Catstravaganza:

1. We'll still post news, but the bulk of our posts on Wednesday [today] will be cat-related. We swear, our timing will be nothing less than purrfect.
2. Cats have nine lives, and 09/09 is nine squared. And 09/09/09? Well, it's nine cubed. Which means that the ante has been upped. Any attempts to kill their influence on that day will be futile and if nothing else will make the cats scratch back even harder.
3. Tell the world about the Catstravganza by sending them a Tweet. The #catstravaganza hashtag will be heavily used in the operation.
4. Have something cat-related that the world must know about? E-mail it to us. We'll help it claw up to the top.
5. Best of all, guys: We have an official badge you can throw on your blog. Support the Catstravaganza with the love of linkage.

In the past day, Smith made good on his threat, converting his entire site into a cat shrine. Urlesque's response? To run bunny photos all day.

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