Beer call aftermath

Reader suggestions for offerings the next time President Obama hosts a beer summit in the Rose Garden:

- From a resident of one of his home states, Hawaii, the Mehana line:

Another Aloha State possibility: Kona

- Representing his more recent home state, Chicago's fine Goose Island line:

- Since this was after all a Beer Summit, T. D. Mischke of St. Paul, broadcaster and beer pitchman, suggests one of the Summit Brewing Company's great beers.*

- And many from Boston write in to say: fine for Sam Adams, but what about Harpoon?

- Finally, one wag suggests that if any of the participants had dared ask for a Dos Equis, on the strength of its preposterous "Most Interesting Man in the World" ad campaign, in this kind of gathering the others would have been under big losing-face pressure to do the same.

I've had all these except Mehana, and they're all worthy candidates. (Although, Dos Equis: more impressive as an ad theme than as a beer.) Mr. President, don't say that you lack actionable intelligence for the next summit meeting.
* The only on-air commercial I've ever done was for Summit Beer, on one of Tommy Mischke's AM radio broadcasts. It impressed me with how hard it is not to sound like a jerk when doing a testimonial.