Still on the fence about those flying lessons?

Here's the news that will make it all worthwhile! According to Mary Grady of AVweb, the easiest (legal) way for Americans to get to Cuba is, under new rules, to fly their own little planes there. Story here.

This has been theoretically possible for a long time, and in 2005, just before coming to China, I spent weeks trying to satisfy the Cuban and U.S. paperwork and preclearance requirements for flying a Cirrus SR-20 to Havana on a Christmas trip. I finally ran out of patience and time. But now...

Grady's podcast interview with the CEO of the company organizing the trips is here; that company's site is here. And for lessons there are little airports all over the place in the US. I'd be signing up for the trip if I were on that side of the world. Just trying to be constructive here.