News as art, continued

Back to the "what does this scene remind me of?" category, previously here, while still looking into further flu news in China. Many nominations for this painting, usually with apologies for the larger Messianic implications:



After the jump, for greater clarity of detail, an early non-Leonardo copy of the painting as it once may have looked. Plus another version not by Leonardo. More to come, with eventual wrap-up thanks to all contributors.



And, on the raised-finger gesture of Obama in the photo and of the disciple Thomas in the paintings, this from an informed reader:
The image of Obama speaking struck me as very davinciesque, especially the finger pointing upward. It is supposed to point out to the person watching the painting either that John the Baptist was a great guy or alternatively that the fingers represent fire and water, which for Hermetics symbolizes purifying fire that transforms true believers from ?man? into ?super man?. It is called the "John gesture" among Da Vinci mysticists. SeeĀ