More on Firefox 3.0.10

After mentioning recently my own frequent-crash experience with the latest release of Firefox, these results:

- Reports from a few readers who'd had similar problems, and a larger number who hadn't;

- Recommendations from several readers, most enthusiastically Parker Donham, to instead give the Opera browser a try, which no doubt in tinkering spirit I'll eventually do;

- Recommendations from friends at Mozilla to try out the beta 4 release of Firefox 3.5, which has a variety of new privacy features -- plus requests for debugging details of my crashes with 3.0.10.

The living nightmare that was my experience with Windows Vista, starting with a Vista beta back in 2006, has made me wary of trying any beta version of anything ever again. (Not that the official release version was that big an improvement. For later, after I finish some pressing "real" work: a summing up of the way that Vista + Lenovo's tweaks to the trusty ThinkPad changed 20 years of buying loyalty and put me on the Mac path.) But I did download that FF 3.5 beta and have been using it with no problems lo these past two days.  FWIW.