For the record: three book reviews

I am grateful for, and note for the record, three recent and positive reviews of my Postcards from Tomorrow Square.

Here, by Sam Oglesby, in the Philadelphia Bulletin (newspaper from the city of my birth);

Here, by John Pomfret, in the Washington Post (newspaper from the city where I usually live);

Here, by John Guise, in the China Economic Review (magazine from the country where I'm living now).

So where's the Redlands Daily Facts? Newspaper from the city of my childhood. But I digress.

The nature of the book-writing life is often to grind your teeth about the insights and sublime subtleties of your argument that brutish (or biased!) reviewers have somehow missed. In these cases I feel fortunate in reviewers who saw and explained exactly the points I was trying to make. Also, these writers are Genuine China Hands -- including Pomfret, whose Chinese Lessons is a genuinely important book. Now, back to work.