Back to the capital very late last night, after a week in Yunnan and Guangdong, under strange circumstances to be discussed in a minute. This morning my wife says, "You know, my lungs feel a little funny here again." We look out the window. Nothing that unusual:

Then, unwisely, I look at the real-time Twitter feed of the most dangerous sort of particulate pollution in Beijing, as mentioned here earlier.


Hmmm. A reading just now of 451, "hazardous," and the US range doesn't even extend above 300.... (Update: an hour later, noon local time, it's up to 453. And now, two hours later, it's down to 276, "very unhealthy." All right! And three hours later it's 76, "moderate"! Weird. But I can go to the gym.) Oh well, time to get to the better-news posting that will follow.

For context: sample sky from Yunnan. A week of this has apparently gotten us out of condition for life in the big city.

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