Mischke CD, video news

Last week, this report on the unceremonious canning of my bar-none favorite radio humorist, T.D. "Tommy" Mischke of St. Paul.

Three cheerier or at least schadenfreude-ish updates now:

1) Dave Brauer, of MinnPost.com, has this testimonial from Mark Moeller, of the local retailer R.F.Moeller Jewelers, that has had Mischke do personalized ads for them over the last 15 years, about his pulling his ads in protest.

Mischke "made a profound difference in my business. Not a day goes by -- not a day -- where someone doesn't walk into a store and say 'Mischke sent me.'" I pressed Moeller to tell me how much of a hit KSTP was taking for this. "It was well into seven figures" he says of his ad buys over 15 years.

2) A YouTube video that Moeller and Mischke produced, called "Don't Jump, Tommy," whose purpose Mischke explained this way in a note to me:

So, here's what I ended up doing over the weekend. I had a lot of listeners writing me, concerned that, because of my occasional bouts of depression, this firing business could be sending me right over the edge. I wanted to address that and, at the same time, help out Mark Moeller who has stood by me through all this despite being telephoned daily by KSTP management in an effort to lure him back on the air.

Mischke is more derelict-looking in this video than in real life.

3) Mischke's latest music CD (not radio-humor CD) is available here. I haven't heard him sing other than in comedy bits on the program, but i will order this on faith. His humor CDs, which I have heard, will soon be available; stay tuned for details.