I am usually proud to have been born on August 2. Two of my writer friends were also born on that day: Lawrence Wright and Erik Tarloff. Same with Caleb Carr. And let's not forget James Baldwin, or Peter O'Toole plus Carroll O'Connor.  Or for that matter, Judge Lance Ito.

But now I find: our fellow August 2 person Victoria Jackson is doing a very convincing imitation of a nut job. I always thought she was deliberately playing a ditzy airhead on Saturday Night Live. Is she still putting on a front? I hope? As O'Connor did, in character as Archie Bunker?

Oh well. We'll always have Judge Lance. Update: And my hometown high school friend, the musician and composer Greg Tornquist. The lingering aftereffects of the time I spent with him drifting around Northern California in the late Sixties are even now working their magic on my memory cells.

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