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Hmmm, maybe this explains some of my visa problems?

From the Fool's Mountain blog, about the opening ceremony:

President George W. Bush was there with his family in suit and tie, despite strong advice against it from John MacCaine, Nancy Pelosi, Mia Fallows, and probably his own conscience....


Explaining the joke #1: Mia F is a big activist for declaring the Beijing Olympics the "Genocide Olympics" because of China's role in Darfur.

Explaining #2: Close study will reveal that her last name is in fact subtly different from mine....

Explaining #3: In contrast to Mia Farrow, I think that Bush did the right thing in attending the ceremonies and some events -- but also speaking up for values of liberty and religious tolerance.

Explaining #4: Actually my visa is just fine! Still, it made me think.....

Bonus explanation #5, pointed out by several readers: Pelosi told him that in the heat he should stick to a nice blue sports shirt. (" suit and tie, despite strong advice against it..")