Good to know (Olympic air dept).

This is certainly a relief! Jacques Rogge et al set our minds at ease.

Full text of the story (from the state-controlled English-language official outlet) is here. It begins:

Beijing's air does not pose any health risk for athletes, officials and other visitors, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) said Tuesday.

Dispelling all fears over overcast and hazy skies in the city, the IOC said data on Beijing's air quality is being assessed on an hourly basis.

Haze does not mean poor quality air, a senior Beijing environmental official said a week ago.

FWIW, view at noon today in downtown Beijing. No scientific or medical judgment implied here -- it could just be a kind of fog. Simply chronicling how it looks with two days to go. (PS: for anyone who doesn't know about it already, this phenomenal site, produced by the Asia Society, gives a searchable day-by-day view of what Beijing's skies have looked like over the last year. Informative and excellently done.)