Way to unify the party, HRC!

You HAVE LOST the nomination. There are NO MORE primaries. And you're urging your supporters to nurse their bitter feelings on your web site, and keep selling their bikes to give you money that you'll spend on... what? The unseemliness -- and, yes, destructiveness -- of this is too obvious to mention, though perhaps not obvious enough to have occurred to you.

This is a new low.

Update: Having an (intended?) effect already. Maybe he'll get going, but first 10 minutes of Obama's speech seem oddly off-his-stride and not looking as sunnily victorious as he should at this moment. Likely hypothesis: what he just heard in Clinton's speech.

Update-update: Recovers somewhat from minute 15 on, finishes very strong. Still, it seems undeniable that he spent his first few minutes looking like something other than the man-who-has-just-clinched thanks in part to the slap he had just received from HRC.