Not about politics! More on file-sync

I mentioned yesterday that I was trying, and liking, the (blush) "Magic Briefcase" feature of the program SugarSync. It's an easy way to work on the same set of files, on different computers, and always have the current version on hand wherever you work.

As one, the blog-reading public has risen up to remind me that in any discussion of sync programs, it's important to include a familiar contender, Microsoft's FolderShare, which I have used in the past and will try again; and a newer (to me) entrant, AutoSync from Memeo.

I will give them both a try and report results. What are computers for, if not to fritter*? In the meantime, be advised of these sync possibilities too.
* My friend Stephen Manes, novelist and tech writer, has lifetime copyright to the term "fritterware" to describe activity of this sort.