Do I contradict myself? Very well, then, I contradict myself *

I said recently that I would stop bellyaching about the air in Beijing until the beginning of next month.

Then I woke up and looked out the window this morning. Here we are at 10am, June 19, 2008, fifty days before the Olympic Games are to begin:

I guess I had not imagined how "just in time" the air-cleanup plan for the Olympic Games was going to be. I mean, is anyone from the International Olympic Committee getting the slightest bit nervous?

*Note for the kiddies: Title is of course from the Atlantic's own 19th-century contributor Walt Whitman. A recent noir-novel allusion to Blake's "Marriage of Heaven and Hell" may have skipped past me, but not this one! Naturally I think of Whitman's next line, "(I am large, I contain multitudes)", after multi-course banquets in the hinterland featuring items whose provenance I can't guess.