Pre-quake scenes of Sichuan province

Last summer, from villages in the hills of Sichuan province near the center of yesterday's earthquake. These are the kinds of people who have been affected:

1) Ethnic Tibetan children playing on the way home from school (click for larger):

2) Other children getting a ride home in a truck:

3) Men waiting for a bus:

4) Dr. Tang Chunxiang, who has lived at the panda reserve in Wolong for more than 20 years and who told me, "The more I know the panda, the more I love the panda." As best I know, there has been no communication with that reserve since the earth quake -- road blocked, telephone and internet lines down, wireless phone coverage out. Update: according to CCTV at 7:30pm China time, the pandas in a base outside Chengdu, and their care-takers are fine, but there are not yet reports from the main panda reserve in Wolong.