This is not, in itself, reason to oppose a candidate....

... but Hillary Clinton is plummeting rock-like to the bottom of the crucial "boiled frog" primary.

I still have not seen any evidence of Barack Obama using this hackneyed, heartless, and flat-out ignorant formulation. ("You throw a frog into a pot of boiling water....")

That is, he has not used it, "as far as I know."

John McCain? Again, as far as I know, he is boiled-frog-free.

But Senator Clinton goes there again and again.

When Senator Obama wants to start fighting tough on the stump, the path is clear. "Senator McCain has a lifetime of resisting boiled-frog idiocy. I have a lifetime of resisting boiled-frog idiocy. Senator Clinton has her boiled-frog speech."

(As promised for months, results of the exciting "come up with a replacement for the boiled frog cliche" contest will be announced any day now.)