MacBook Air #5: the Air comes home

Beijing Metro line #1. Guomao station, March 6 2008. Illuminated sign roughly 3' x 8':

The MacBook Air, made in China (like virtually all other laptops and notebooks), comes back to its birthplace.

Two extra Air-related points:

Performance comparison. Recently I installed the same Windows program on my Windows Vista ThinkPad T60 and on the MacBook Air, under VMWare/WindowsXP. The program required me to restart Windows after its installation. Below, details on how long that restart took. No programs were running at time of shutdown. Time measured from pressing Restart button until computer fully functional:

- Vista ThinkPad: Time 0:00, press "restart" button. 1:50, computer fully shut down. 2:50, "welcome" screen first visible. 3:00, desktop first visible. Time 3 minutes and 40 seconds, wifi connection restored and programs usable.

- MacBook Air with VMWare/XP: time 0:00, press "restart" button. Time 0:28, shutdown complete, WindowsXP session rebooted, wifi connection restored, and all programs active.

This difference could be hardware, it could be software, it could be the "virtualization" run by VMWare, it could be XP vs. Vista, it could be anything. Just reporting the results.

Transferring Outlook files. As mentioned earlier, I have a decade-plus worth of correspondence and info stored in Outlook .PST files. One option (which I'll pursue once the new Office2007 install disk I've ordered arrives): installing trusty old Windows Outlook on the Mac under VMWare. The other option, which I've now tested: using the formidable $10 (!!) utility O2M to convert .PST files to a format usable by the Mac Mail program, Entourage (the Mac version of Outlook), and other mail programs. Seems to work just fine. Hmmm.

Of course, the Mac Air is not the only one coming to China -- or advertising in stations along Beijing's Line 1.

Beijing Metro, Jianguomen station, February 28 2008: