Further on Bill vs. Hillary Clinton

Here is the point I wish I had thought to make the first time:

One of Bill Clinton's strongest and most admirable traits as a politician was that, in his prime, he never talked down when explaining his positions. No matter what the audience -- financiers, laid-off factory workers, teenagers, foreigners -- he always encouraged them to see the big picture.

And to think. He said again and again that the Republicans' goal was to keep people from thinking, because once they did start thinking clearly, as opposed to hating or fearing, they'd see the wisdom of the Clinton plan.

Agree on the merits of his plans, or disagree: You can't deny that this was his approach. He made people feel, too -- but virtually every step of the way he encouraged them to think.

As for why this has not been his wife's approach -- well, we just don't know whether it's a difference in temperament between the two of them, or difference of talent, or difference of strategies, or difference driven by the fact that this time they're up against someone (ie, Obama) who also is very good in the "making people think" approach. But the contrast in thought-content between Clinton '92 and Clinton '08 is striking.