China wine watch cont. (Suntime department)

(Update below.)

As mentioned frequently before, I have found the Xinjiang-based Suntime wine a promising alternative to the dismal Great Wall etc. Two updates:

The Suntime cabernet that I thought cost 55RMB (about $7.40) at the local Carrefour actually goes for 48RMB ($6.50). All the more appealing!

At the same store, just saw this offer of two bottles of Suntime "Manas Red" for a total of 33RMB, less than $4.50 or $2.25 per bottle. Well see.

The promotional label says 新天葡萄酒, Xintian Putaojiu, literally "New Day Wine," which is Suntime's name in Chinese. Again, we'll see.

Update: Well, now I've seen.This wine is quite harsh and not nice to drink. I leave to utilitarian philosophers the question of whether, at $2.25 a bottle, it's still in some sense a good deal.