The only thing I will ever say about music videos

To my Atlantic colleague Andrew Sullivan, in the spirit of constructive criticism :

You host an important 80s Video Contest on the Atlantic's site and don't include this?????

Yes, it's Robert Palmer's immortal Addicted to Love, with the zombie girls:

To help readers save time in their other voting:

Obvious winner of Andrew's "best video" is Sledgehammer, though Smalltown Boy is the best song;

Worst can only be the incredible Dog Police.

And the coveted Best-Worst category must in fact be a contest for runner-up to "Addicted." Just ask yourself: which other Best-Worst candidate has inspired half as many spin-offs and parodies? And while I don't know whether any of the other nominees is, like Robert Palmer, no longer with us, out of respect to a man cut down while still stylish , a win by acclamation seems the least that is due.