Keyboard wear update: this time, it's depressing

Here is the the way the keyboard on my Thinkpad T60 looked three months ago, when it was four months old.

Here's the way it looks today, at seven months of age, after three more articles and one bazillion additional emails have been pounded out on its keys:

This second one is a little harder to see, but here's the casualty count.

Now entirely gone: the E, N, and A keys, plus the marking.
On their way: L, M, R, S, and >
Worried: D, O.
Should be worried: U, B

No wonder my fingers are tired -- I mean, strong! And good thing China is dotted with electronic parts shops where I can buy a new keyboard, cheap, when too many letters vanish from this one. I can probably find a supplier who sent them to the factory in the first place.

When I find that guy, maybe I'll ask him whether they would consider investing an extra 50 cents for more durable keytop decals. (Yes, I know the Mac's, and others, are molded in.)