Last word on heroes of the Bush administration

I'm declaring the voting closed on people whose reputations are better and place-in-history improved by virtue of service under GW Bush.

Overall winner: Christopher Hill, State Department careerist now in charge of North Korean negotiations. Better known than he was six years ago, and in a good way!

Dark-horse category winner: Sandy Randt, Yale classmate of GW Bush who has been ambassador to China since the beginning of the Administration; lawyer and Mandarin-speaker, unknown to 300 million Americans but respected by 1.3 billion Chinese.

Interesting honorable mentions in their own special categories: Robert Gates (backing down from Donald Rumsfeld); Robert Zoellick (backing down from Paul Wolfowitz); conceivably David Petraeus, depending how the next 18 months goes. Possibly Patrick Fitzgerald, with the ambiguous legacy of his prosecutions? (Bad for the Bush administration; also bad for the press.) Also depending on the next 18 months, Henry Paulson?

Honorary winners (technically disqualified since they're not part of the administration but instead feed off it): Jon Stewart; Stephen Colbert; staff of The Onion.