Florida airplane update: bring on the lobbyists!

As mentioned two days ago, the DayJet company of Florida has just carried its first paying passenger on a small-jet "air taxi" trip. The trip was from Boca Raton to Tallahassee.

Dan Hobby, of Coconut Creek, Fl., writes to point out an implication that probably was obvious to those who have more Florida reference points in the brain than I do:

The DayJet from Boca to Tallahassee may be even more viable once the Florida Legislature convenes next year.

During session the direct flights are usually booked up, and one is often forced to fly to Tallahassee through Orlando or Tampa, adding additional time to the flight.

While legislators may be hesitant to be seen taking a DayJet flight, I suspect many lobbyists will make it their first choice.

The "for lobbyists only" image is one the air taxi business would presumably like to avoid -- their goal is to make the fares economically competitive, not Corporate Excess Lite. But the basic point is exactly right: Tallahassee, like Sacramento (an example that springs more readily to my mind) is a place a lot of people have to get to during certain periods, and where normal connections are not so convenient.

I'm still curious about what DayJet will charge in the long run, though presumably this first passenger knows.