Pigs fly, water flows uphill, and...

... the WSJ runs an editorial I agree with. It's this one on mis-reaction and over-reaction to the Chinese toy recalls. Eg, about the magnet problem that is responsible for the highest volume of recent recalls:

This is not the fault of the Chinese manufacturers that made the toys. It seems to be the fault of the engineers who designed them and would have been a hazard even if the toys had been manufactured in the U.S.

As mentioned earlier, China has lots and lots of problems, and manufacturers here take lots and lots of shortcuts -- unless foreign outsourcers insist on higher standards. It weakens the case against the real dangers, the ones that clearly are Chinese companies' fault, to mix them up with ones that aren't.

(Nagging little thought: I'll take this at face value as a moment of reasonableness on the WSJ ed-page's part -- which after all hews to the page's tradition in including attacks on Congressional Democrats and regulation in general. I'll assume it's not the beginning of a new Master Narrative of the WSJ under Rupert Murdoch: discouraging hostile talk about China in any form. Nah, let's stick to the positive view. On its own, the editorial makes sense, which is something!)