Cheney on why not to invade Iraq, ca 1994

In case you haven't seen it elsewhere, and since I'm not sure this has yet been posted by my colleagues on the Atlantic's site, two links to Dick Cheney's jaw-dropping and incredible (because so lucid and prescient) comments about the folly of trying to occupy Iraq:

YouTube version (with branding from "Grand Theft Country") here. version (with pitch for funds) here.

Arguably the most important 82 seconds of political footage you'll see -- well, in quite a while.It's one thing to read quotes from G.H.W. Bush's book to the same effect. To see Cheney himself making the case and juxtapose that with the man we've come to know..... Too bad Charles Ferguson didn't have this for his movie.

Update: As I should have guessed, Andrew Sullivan actually mentioned this same video a couple of days ago. That's what he gets for cryptic references that don't come up in a search for "Cheney and video" or "Cheney and Iraq"!