Why can't Murdoch just buy (and dismantle) the WSJ ed page?

I hate to say anything bad about the Wall Street Journal on the day when, it appears, the Bancroft family has decided to view one of the world's great newspapers as "just another asset" to be liquidated to Rupert Murdoch.

So perhaps the Journal's editorial page is trying to soften the blow and prevent golden-age nostalgia by reminding us that it has no standards at all.

Last week, the US edition of the Journal was widely ridiculed for publishing a chart that violated every rule of honest data interpretation. (For anyone who hasn't already seen it, link below from Economist's View site. The curve drawn by the Journal was an attempt to offer "proof" of the Laffer-curve effect: that rising tax rates meant falling revenue. Of course a line through the heart of the data, not the outlying point of Norway, would suggest just the opposite.)

Yesterday, undiscouraged, after three days of such criticism, the Asian edition of the Journal published exactly the same chart.

The pre-Murdoch Journal: a first-rate newspaper surrounding a few pages of agitprop. In the Murdoch era?????