The two Benjamin Friedmans: sequel

As mentioned earlier, Cambridge MA is barely big enough to contain two public-affairs academics of different specialties and generations but the same name: the battling Ben Friedmans of Harvard and MIT. "Battling" just a jazzy epithet here; I assume they're on good terms.

Ben the Younger, of MIT, reports:

Once I got invited to Harvard to speak to a small group. Beforehand I was introduced to an elderly gentleman who told me that he was very excited to hear me speak because he really liked Day of Reckoning (copyright 1988, when I turned 10). I was tempted to tell him that it was very hard writing a book about the national debt with only a fourth grade education, and that I had to skip a lot of recess.

This Friedman reports that the codger (maybe in his 40s? just guessing) politely stayed and enjoyed the speech, even though it concerned why America had become too obsessed with terrorism.