Why we love the Chinese press

Today's front-page English-language headlines, from the (state-controlled) China Daily and Shanghai Daily:

Why we love them:

1) Harmony of emphasis between the two papers. (Harmony as well with online version of China Daily, which leads with "Wu Yi: Strategic talks are a complete success.")

2) Removal of doubt and worry from readers' minds -- in this case, foreign readers in China.

3) Refusal to kowtow to American interpretation of events, for instance today's New York Times story, under the headline "China Talks Don't Resolve Major Issues."

4) Refusal to kowtow to domestic Chinese interpretation of events, for instance the People's Daily Chinese web site, whose lead stories have nothing to do with the US-China talks (they concern who is paying the most income tax, and rural-development plans), and where the main news out of the US-China meeting is that it has ended, with another session scheduled for December. Let a thousand interpretations bloom!