When people say China has a pollution problem... (updated)

.... this is the kind of thing they are talking about. Shanghai skyline, from our apartment near People's Square, 8:30am China time, Sunday morning, April 22, 2007. And Shanghai's not even that bad, compared with most other big cities.

UPDATE: After the jump are more photos of the blear, followed by the way the same scenes look on a very nice day here.
BTW the very dark building in the lower center of this first photo, two steps down from the building that appears to have a flying saucer on top (the Radisson), is the Park Hotel, a famous art-deco "skyscraper" from the 1930s. When my wife and I first came to Shanghai in the 1980s, it was the tallest building in town.

Yes, that's the camera and my hand, reflected in the last one.

Update: Four hours later, it has started to rain. So some of this could have been "fog" or "mist." But only some.

Update #2: How the same scenes look when the air is clear(er):